We had to wait 6 long months after the release of the Ritual album to eventually see Shaman again in France. Nearly 2 years after their coming at the NTS Festival in Colombes on March 31st, 2001, our favourite Brazilian are back in old France, for the fans’s greatest pleasure.


2.30pm. Our little team meet before the Elysée-Montmartre, where Shaman is to play tonight. In a few seconds, we will finally see again our dear musicians. Entering the place, we can notice that the band is already there – Andre is having an interview with 3 young Russian women; Ricardo, behind his drum kit, is striking the pose for some photographs; while Luis, Hugo and Fabio are working on the stage with the roadies to set the instruments and the amps. At the back of the stage we can see a beautiful backdrop painted like the album cover, which gives a mystical atmosphere to the place… Tonight the shaman will be with us! Bad news, however – the hall is cut into by a black curtain, which means only 500 or 600 people will come to see the show tonight. Too bad!

(on this very special day, the whole French Ritual Team gathers for the first time, with a very special t-shirt!)

Call back in France by the ancient winds :

Once his amp is set up, Luis comes and meets us. He seems a little less shy than he used to be, saying: “I’m happy to be back in Paris, but it’s so cold in here!”. One after the other, the members of the band join us. Ricardo shows us the Italian digipack edition of Ritual, and the official t-shirts of the tour: “All the dates and venues are printed on it, even the Milano and Nancy ones who have been cancelled. This t-shirt is a collector item, man!” Now comes the whole band’s younger brother, Hugo Mariutti. The guitar player is very friendly, tapping all the people’s shoulders while he shakes hands.
He seems to think the same as his brother, about the weather: “It’s not as cold here as in Germany, but I’m still freezing! By the way, I first saw snow when I was over there!” Fabio tells us about his solo project called Blezqui Zatsaz. About the meaning of this name (it sounds a little Aztec or Maya), he says he means nothing special… Fine. As for Andre, he’s interested in the Elysée-Montmartre itself: “This place is very nice. We’re playing here for the first time. It seems to have a very good sound”. If you ask him what his favourite concert hall is in France, he’ll answered: \#The Zénith! The show we performed there [on January 16th , 1999] was something very particular in our career. Is there a larger place in Paris?” So we tell him about Bercy, which is twice as big as the Zénith, and he jokes: “Even if the sound is not as good over there, I hope we’ll play in that hall someday! In a few years, who knows?” Maybe as an opening act for Iron Maiden, on next June? 😉

The soundcheck:

The guys don’t look too tense. But while we’re chatting time’s still running, and they have to do the soundcheck. Standing behind his keyboard, Andre improvises some airs and then plays the piano part in “Fairy Tale”. When everybody’s ready, the band play an instrumental version of “Here I am”.
Andre doesn’t sing because he’s checking if the sound is correct in the various areas of the hall. We have to say it’s perfect – no instrument covers the others. Once it’s done, Andre comes back on stage, and the whole band performs a great and lengthened version of “Distant Thunder” (see the video excerpts on our website). We can expect a great show tonight!

When Shaman meet their fans:

The French Ritual Team had organised a fan meeting with 10 fans, because we wanted the most people to know that the guys are very close to their fans and seem to take great pleasure meeting them; always answering patiently and kindly.
Every five minutes, each member of our team looks at his watch, because it’s nearly 4.30pm, and soon it will be time for the 10 lucky winners of our contest to meet their idols. The thing is that Shaman are still rehearsing, although the soundcheck was initially supposed to take place at 5pm. We had even thought of inviting the 10 fans to come and see it, unfortunately that won’t happen. Wanna know why the band is late? Simply because poor Hugo has not understood that, in France, electricity works on 220 Volts, so he burnt his amp! At last, the soundcheck is over and we welcome our 10 winners. However, they have to wait a little longer, since now it’s Mob Rules’s turn to do their soundcheck, while the members of Shaman have some short interviews with the press. The only thing to do then is to wait at the bar, chatting in a friendly atmosphere. Everybody talks about the album, their expectancies about the show, the rivalry between Angra and Shaman, and so on.

(here are our 10 lucky winners)

(Busy Ricardo)
The only girl among the 10 shows us the great ‘Shaman’ flag she has made. In a few minutes, she’ll give it to Andre. By the way, here he comes! The 4 musicians look almost as shy as their fans! Of course, everybody relaxes soon, and the meeting turns into a warm friends encounter. Some take photographs, some give presents to the band, and of course everybody wants their album covers to be signed on! Meanwhile, we from the French Ritual Team drink beers from the bar – thank you to the record company for having thought about everything!

(is he really human?)

(cool, one of the winners speaks portuguese!)

This moment is also a good opportunity for Shaman to rest a little before the show. Actually, even if the guys look self-confident and not anxious at all, they take care of every detail, that’s why Hugo refuses to have a beer with us, and just drinks lemonade…
(yep, it IS lemonade – we’ve checked!)

As time goes by, still too fast, we have to put an end to the meeting, because the audience is entering the hall, and Mob Rules is about to play.

Let the show begin !

After Mob Rules’s very good show, it’s close to 8pm when the first notes of “Ancient Winds” come out of the speakers. Well prepared by the Mob’s powerful German metal, the crowd cheers and you can hear over 500 voices singing along the intro theme of Ritual. In the dark, Hugo, Luis, Ricardo and Fabio take place behind their instruments, while the audience is screaming and whistling even louder. It has begun! “Here I am” is incredibly heavy, because of Luis’s bass being mixed very loud. It’s even too loud, but the sound gets better as the song is performed, and at least, it’s powerful! Andre has nothing to do to win the audience’s allegiance, since he has always been very popular in France. What’s more, Shaman has decided to get the crowd on their knees at once, blasting the place with the combination “Here I am” / “Distant Thunder” / For Tomorrow” / “Time will come”. Apparently, the guys have an album to promote! Those who had doubts about the songs from Ritual being both beautiful and heavy are now convinced! This album sounds very well on stage.
The band is perfectly at ease. At the back of the stage, Ricardo hits his drums smiling and singing aloud, while Fabio makes us believe he has little hammers instead of fingers. In the front, Luis moves and bends backwards as usual, and invites the audience to shout. Hugo is very impressive – full of feeling and playing as a god, he also plays with the crowd. The shyness of the beginnings is definitely gone! Who would dare to say he doesn’t deserve to play with the other guys, now? Even on the old Angra songs, he’s wicked! Andre is still the same – very charismatic, he sings wonderfully and takes the audience with him, asking for support, choruses and screams from us. Of course, it’s still very helpful to be able to speak French! We French people love when he does that!
Now it’s time for the old Angra stuff, precisely from Fireworks. The crowd sings even louder (is that possible?), on “Wings of Reality” first, then on “Lisbon”. Then the musicians must catch their breaths.

So Hugo stays alone on the stage, plays a short guitar solo, then the others come back, except Andre. The guys perform a great instrumental jam, based on a killer drum break, sounding like the rhythm of “Be free” (the only song from the demo that didn’t came out on the album, and was performed on the 2001 tour). Now it’s Ricardo’s turn to be alone on stage. He plays an impressive (so cool when he makes his drumsticks twirl!) but rather long solo. Apparently, the roadies needed time to replace Luis’s amp.
When everybody’s back, he have the opportunity to hear a really amazing performance of “Nothing to say”, then the Ritual tunes come back. “Over your Head”, which is “just” a good song on the album, is absolutely huge on stage. What a chorus! Perfect for the crowd to sing along! Time to calm down, now. Andre goes to his keyboard, and plays a piano solo based on “Carolina IV” (what a shame they don’t play it tonight). There again, he doesn’t forget the crowd, asking us to shout between the chords.
As soon as he starts to play the intro to “Fairy Tale\#, the audience gets mad, once more. This is such a wonderful song! The only bad point is that the girl on the video is not there… Then Andre goes to Fabio’s keyboards, and plays a few notes of church organ. You must what that means! The audience too, so they start scanding “Jesus! Jesus!”, looking and pointing at Luis. This is not only funny, it also shows us that sometimes this man smiles! Of course, it means the band is about to play “Pride”. Great performance, great thrashy choirs (thanks to the Mariutti brothers), this song is the typical stage-friendly heavy metal tune.
The guys then salute the audience, and leave the stage. They’re back a few minutes later, to play a last song from the Ritual album, the “Ritual” song itself. In the end, “Blind Spell” will be the only song from the album not performed tonight. He can also hear a real cover – ” Burn”, from Deep Purple, in a very dynamic yet faithful version (those guys are really good, since it’s not easy to be Ritchie Blackmore, Glenn Hughes or David Coverdale). Then comes ” Living for the Night”, one of the best songs of Andre’s first band, Viper. And, last but definitely not least, “Carry on” (without “Unfinished Allegro”, due to a fucking lack of time) puts an end to the show. Shaman leave the stage, but don’t hesitate to jump into the photograph pit to shake their fans’s hands. Ain’t that nice?
After over 2h of Shaman show, you’re exhausted but happy. Happy because our fav’ Braz’ are still at their top, artistically speaking, and happy to have rediscovered the songs from Ritual live. Now the only thing left to hope is that the guys find back their past glory. There’s one thing for sure: after such a great show, no doubt that Shaman will gain new fans, and should be able to fill greater places.
(what was the photographer focused on? Well that’s the point!)

Set List :

1. Ancient Winds
2. Here I Am
3. Distant Thunder
4. Time Will Come
5. For Tomorrow
6. Wings Of Reality (Angra)
7. Lisbon (Angra)
8. Hugo Mariutti Guitar Solo
9. Impro Jam
10. Ricardo Confessori Drum Solo
11. Nothing To Say (Angra)
12. Over Your Head
13. Fairy Tale
14. Pride


15. Ritual
16. Burn (Deep Purple)
17. Living For The Night (Viper)
18. Carry On (Angra)

After the storm :

According to the number of people who attended the show tonight, the ones who are waiting outside in the Parisian cold to meet Shaman after the show are quite numerous. The guys in the band are still so kind and friendly, and spend about an hour with their fans in front of the Elysée-Montmartre. Everybody has time to take photographs, to ask for signings, and to chat with the musicians (in French, with Andre!). With nostalgia, but also with many great memories in our heads, we let the guys go to their hotel. Anyway, Andre promised: “We’ll be back in Europe, including France, on next March or April”. The time will come again!!!

Bonus – Pictures :

Bonus – Videos :

Sound check batterie

Sound check piano

Sound check guitare

Sound check – Distant Thunder 1

Sound check – Distant Thunder 2

Show – Time Will Come

Show – Living For The Night

Thanx :

The French Ritual Team would like to thank: the whole NTS staff for their kindness and patience, Alex Ory for her pictures, Jérémie and Dan for their reports (see French page) , Mathieu “Tobi rules” @Tears of Metal for his enthusiasm, Gollum “thank you little hobbit” for his being nice, and Marcia as well as the whold Shaman FC staff. We also want to thank Shaman for their kindness, their friendliness,and of course their music. Last but not least, thanks and hail to all the fans we occured to meet on that great day of December 2002.

Fonte: http://theshaman2.free.fr/paris_141202/paris_141202.php?lang=0

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