2014/11/22 – Andre Matos @ Bar da Montanha


Andre Matos is hell of a nice guy and very charismatic as well, having the power to make all the sexy nice girls kneel before him, lol, he is truly a great musician with many talents, have fronted the iconic VIPER in the 80’s and produced with them two great albums, two classics, two must have albums that every Metal Head should have,“Soldiers Of Sunrise” and “Theatre Of Fate”, then he went on to front ANGRA and with him they produced their best albums as well, “Angel’s Cry”, “Holy Land” and “Fire Works” he was also the main man behind SHAMAN and also involved in countless side project as well as being a Maestro too, so the man is an icon for sure that’s one of the reasons people worship him so much.

Right now he is doing a special tour celebrating 20 years anniversary of “Angel’s Cry” and also playing some of his own classics, the show is divided in two parts, first part he plays various songs from his career and the second part he plays “Angel’s Cry” the whole album, great stuff indeed!!

But before ANDRE MATOS begun his madness we had a very special local band to give him a very warm welcome and also to heat up the crowd, about 450 people turned up, most of them were pretty ladies, and the band chosen to heat up things for them were TRUE METAL SOCIETY, the band played classics from various Metal bands, 10pm on the dot they entered the stage ready to kill, Matheus Paiva on the bass, Rafael “El Chino” guitar, Keaton on the drums, Junior Bastelli lead guitar and Daniel Ripper on vocals, these guys were out for the kill and begun their set with “Aces High” most people did not know what to expect and they were gobsmacked, after that,  another classic“Hell Patrol” people were singing along, great stuff really.

These guys really know how to put a good performance, Daniel spoke to the crowd quite often and showed a great deal of professionalism, even thou these guys were playing cover songs they did a fantastic job with no mistakes whatsoever, “Eagle Fly Free” and “Tornado Of Souls” brought the crowd to their knees and Bastelli  solo was crazy like hell, the two last songs “Creeping Death” and “Pain Killer” were played with their original drummer Rafael Tintori, he wasn’t able to play the whole gig because he had suffered a major dirt bike accident earlier in the week and Keaton was filling the gap for him, the last two songs were killers too, he destroyed the skins and the set was closed with golden keys. Great stuff by TRUE METAL SOCIETY, very talented musicians and Daniel’s voice is just amazing, very charismatic guy as well!!! By now the crowd were ready for Matos.


Midnight it was time for ANDRE MATOS to come forth and deliver one of his best performance the fans ever seen, his energy and charisma is overwhelming indeed, Bar Da Montanha was quite full, the lucky ones who got a place on front of the stage were in ecstasy, there was not distance between them and their king, cool stuff really.

“Intro” followed by “Liberty” a song from “The Turn Of The Lights” I saw people crying, girls and guys, I just could not believe it, “I Will Return” he spoke nicely to the crowd and they were listening carefully to every word he said, this was the second time ANDRE MATOS was in Limeira, this time it was much better, the man has the power!!!

The band works just like a Swiss clock, perfection, Hugo Mariutti and Andre Hernandes delivering powerful riffs and amazing solos, Bruno on the bass, great player very talented and Rodrigo playing the drums like a maniac out for the kill, his drum solo was just amazing.

The reason ANDRE MATOS came to Limeira for the second time was because the fans were begging and the man could not say no, the right thing to do really, it is a “Fairy Tale” and the fans love it, Andre loves to speak and chat with the fans, during the show he spoke all the time, his stage posture is just amazing, it is all about the show, he does it like no one else does.

“On Your Own” that’s right, by this time the crowd was in heaven, following that was a classic from VIPER “Living For The Night” excellent stuff, and the orchestra begins…
First part was over, the man rests for awhile in the dressing room, a much deserved rest before the return for the second part…

Intro” now they are ready to “Carry On” a classic from “Angel’s Cry” the fans are singing along, it is “Time” to dream and free the soul, finding paradise, the “Angel’s Cry” amazing stuff to presence, “Stand Away” this is a great show for those who have turned up tonight, “Never Understand” it is a overdose for the fans, guitar solo, then“Wuthering Heights” .

After two hours of show Andre shows no sign of being tired, the man is made of steel, the set is closed with “Streets Of Tomorrow”, “Evil Warning” “Lasting Child”, the fans are asking for more, I just cannot believe it, he goes on and played few covers by METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, totally overkill, the fans were happy, he played for over three hours, amazing stuff, amazing performance by this living legend, ANDRE MATOS.

After the show he even held a meet and greet and I heard that people stayed at the bar until 6:30am. That’s Andrefor you!!!! Awesome!!!!


Set list:

1. Intro – Masked Ball
2. Liberty
3. Course Of Life
5.The Turn Of The Lights
6. Fairy Tale
7. Stop
8. Lisbon
9. Drum Solo
10. On Your Own
11. Living For The Night
12. Unfinished Allegro
13. Carry On
14. Time
15. Angel’s Cry
16. Stand Away
17. Never Understand
18. Guitar Solo
19. Wuthering Heights
20.Streets Of Tomorrow
21. Evil warning
22. Lasting Child

Fonte: http://www.metal-temple.com/site/catalogues/entry/worldwide_live_shows/andre-matos-bar-da.htm

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