SHAAMAN – Credicard Hall 11/06/2005

By Solange Ag

I just came back home from the so expected Shaaman show…so, pardon my words but…WHAT THE FUCK WAS THATTTTT!!!!!!!! IT WAS PERFECTTTTT!!!!!!!! Seriously, I think it was the best show I’ve seen with Andre Matos, Ricardo Confessori and Luís Mariutti ever since that epic show back in July 1996 at Palace for the Holy Land tour!!!

But ok, let me begin with the beginning…I arrived at Credicard Hall (big venue, same one where the DVD “Ritualive” was recorded) at about 9:30 pm (the show was scheduled for 10), after an unexpected traffic jam). By then, most people were already inside, and the lines were (thankfully!!!) very very short.

I might be saying something stupid, even why I don’t like figures or maths, but I guess there were about 7.000 people there….anyway, be it 5.000 or 10.000, the important thing is that the house, although not
completely full, was crowded like always The show started with a delay of about 20 or 30 minutes, and lasted for about 2 hours.

It all began with some green sound waves on the big screens that were located on the back of the stage and on its sides, and then the Shaaman logo rotating. Soon after, something like those letters from the Matrix movie which are japanese letters seen in a mirror, did you know that?) appeared, with the image of the Shaaman in the middle. Truly beautiful graphic presentation that mypoor descriptive skills can’t really express.

Then of course…the triumphant beginning!!!!! Ricardo kicking ass on the drums, Hugo kicking ass on his guitar, Luís kicking his bass’s ass, and Andre kicking everybody’s ass.  The first song played was “Turn Away”.

Before I go on, though, let me say that the light effects improved greatly, they’re really impressive and are an essential part of the show. I was extremely impressed by it (then again I was impressed by everything basically, so)

Then the second song was “Trail of tears”, followed by a song from their previous album “Ritual”, called “Distant Thunder”. I don’t remember the correct order of the setlist, but they mingled songs from both albums, not playing neither of the albums entirely. The setlist is as follows:

Turn Away
Trail of tears
Distant Thunder
For Tomorrow
Time Will Come
Fairy Tale
Ancient Winds
Here I Am
*Carry on
Scarred Forever
Iron Soul

Encore: Lisbon

While the songs were being played, a few interesting images appeared on the big screens: scenes of a rather domestic life, of them in Germnay (with cars completely covered with snow) and also scenes from their latest videoclip, “Innocence”.

Now let me explain this * on “Carry On”…The crowd was begging them to play it, so Andre Matos said “Oh so you guys want to hear this song??” – then he called Fábio Ribeiro (the keyboardist that plays with Shaaman live) to play in the same keyboard as him. And he said “Ok, now we’ll have a concerto by 4 hands” – and so they started playing Carry On’s initial notes, but Andre’s keyboard was making a piano sound, while Fábio’s was making the normal “Carry On” keyboard sound. They played faster than the song is usually played, without any singing and they didn’t play the whole song, BUT it was REALLLLLLLLLYYY cool because it was a sort of “acoustic” version of it!.

What else is there to say?? Lots of talent, charisma, energy, happiness shown in each musician’s face, drama (Matos kneeled down in a very dramatic way while singing “Fairy Tale”, it was funny even!! heheh), rebellion (Matos threw his microphone – and its metal support – on the floor several times, heheheh!!) and, finally, an essential element for the bangers…beautiful hair!! Ricardo’s hair is back to being straight, and Andre Matos’s was exceptionally long and beautiful tonight, go figure what he did to it!!!  hahah

Oh and there’s something I forgot to say….Andre Matos forgot 1 or 2 tiny parts of the lyrics in some of the new songs, and used his famous technique of improvisation to try to disguise that, heheheh!!

If I remember some detail I’ll come back tomorrow and write here, but it’s already 2:45 am and I’m exhaustteddd and voiceless (from so much screaming, of course.

PS – I knew I had forgotten something important about the show!!!! The crowd just sucked bigtime!!! Nobody was singing the new songs (come on people, it’s been months since it’s been released, you should at least know the chorus by now!!!!)…and too few people attended, I was expecting more *no puns intended with the song, hahhahaha*

Also, check out this address for a few (about 6) pics, and this one to see many pics from both the Ritual and the Reason tours, including pics of this show I went to.

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